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Original yahata-maki is burdock, formerly a local specialty in Yahata area of Kyoto, which was rolled inside eel or loach meat. However, beef is popular for use in home cooking. Tender Kyoto Beef with slightly sticky fat is perfect for this dish, easy to make rolls out of and delicious to eat.


<Ingredients> For two servings

10 1/2 oz(300g) of Kyoto Beef short loin in 1/8 in. (3mm) thick slices

1/4 stick of burdock

1/2 carrot

Some kinome (Japanese pepper tree young leaf bud)


2/5 cup (100cc) sake

1/5 cup (50cc) ordinary soy sauce

1/5 cup (50cc) mirin (sweet cooking rice wine)

4/5 cup (200cc) dashi (Japanese soup stock)

1 tsp (5cc) light soy sauce

1/5 tsp (1g) salt

Starch as needed


1) Wash burdock thoroughly, cut into approximately 6 in. (15cm) long pieces and cut into four lengthwise strips.

Peel carrot and cut into a similar size as the burdock.

3) Put the burdock and carrot in a pan with dashi, salt and a light soy sauce and place pan over heat. When it starts boiling, remove from heat and set aside for a while so as to let the flavor permeate the vegetables.
4) Take out the burdock and carrot and paper-dry them.
5) Powder some starch on sliced beef, and roll the beef around the burdock and carrot strip so as to cover them completely. After the rolls are made, powder its surface with some starch as well.
6) Put the rolls prepared in (5) in a very hot frying pan, with the loose side facing down, and brown the surface by rolling it in the frying pan.
7) When the meat is about 80% cooked, evenly pour A into the pan and dress the sauce around the rolls by evenly rolling them until the liquid is gone.
8) Allow the rolls to cool until manageable, cut them into adequate sizes, place them on a dish and garnish them with kinome.

Kyoto Beef
(Japanese Black)
Produced in:
Kyoto Prefecture

A high-quality fat balance is realized in the cattle of Kyoto Beef by way of traditional raising methods, such as the thorough usage of self-assorted feed with an original formula. The attractive taste of Kyoto Beef is attained by way of nutrient-rich pasture grass, water drawn from mountain streams and the significant difference of temperature between the different seasons. It has sensuous, mellow taste and flavor.

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Powdering the starch prevents the meat from shaking loose from the vegetables. By applying the starch on the surface of the rolls as well, the sauce will be dressed evenly, making the surface look glossy.

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