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Japanese-style roast beef

Blanche sliced beef until it turns to a slightly rosy color, cool it, and make it into a salad with some crispy vegetables. It is rich in nutrient and has a refreshing taste, perfect for summertime when people tend to lose their appetite. Be careful not to boil it too much so as not to spoil the tenderness of the Miyazaki Wagyu.


<Ingredients> For four servings

18 oz (500g) of Miyazaki Wagyu short loin in 1/25 in.(1mm) thick slices

3 myoga (Japanese ginger blossom)

1 pack of kaiware-daikon (Japanese radish sprouts)

1/2 onion

1/2 lettuce

Pon-zu (citrus-flavored vinegar) as needed

Roasted sesame seeds as needed


1) Cut myoga and lettuce in thin strips. Finely slice onion. Cut off the roots of the kaiware-daikon and cut it into lengths in approximately three parts. Place all the cut vegetables in water.
2) Blanche the sliced beef in 167-176-degree F (75-80℃) water until it turns slightly rosy. Plunge the blanched beef into ice water.
3) Drain the vegetables prepared in (1) and spread them on a dish. Paper-dry the beef prepared in (2) and spread it over the vegetables.
4) Pour pon-zu over (3) and sprinkle on plenty of roasted sesame.

Miyazaki Wagyu
(Japanese Black)
Produce in:
Miyazaki Prefecture

By feeding dried grass to calves from an early stage, Miyazaki Wagyu cattle are raised as well-grown, large cattle with strong digestive system. Use of the name “Miyazaki Wagyu” is only permitted for beef ranked highly in meat inspection. Its meat is tender with an excellent taste and bright color.

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Myoga is an original herb in Japan with a distinctive scent and a refreshing spicy flavor. It is said that elements of the scent of myoga have the effects of improving people’s appetite and stimulate sweat glands. It can be finely sliced for salads or used as a relish for soups and noodles.


Kaiware-daikon is the sprout of the Japanese radish. It has a refreshing taste and slightly spicy flavor. It is used for garnish, for salad or marinated foods.

Temperature to blanche the beef

When the beef is boiled in hot-boiling water, the fat will be lost and the beef hardens. Lightly boil the beef in 167-176-degree F (75-80℃ )water so it turns rose-colored.

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